About Us

Started as a small company in 1979 by seasoned mountaineer Capt. Swadesh Kumar, Shikhar has grown steadily over the last 34 years to become one of the largest adventure tour operator of India. Today Shikhar Travels has become a brand name in itself among travelers from all over world looking for adventure in the Indian subcontinent. With efforts from its young, dedicated and enthusiastic team, Shikhar explored unknown and undiscovered areas, opened new vistas and specialized in a vast range of adventure activities covering almost all aspects of adventure tours. As India's leading specialist in the field, we now offer a diverse range of trips to cover almost all adventure activities in India.

To ensure that our clients enjoy all the thrills of adventure, we provide hygienically cooked food and international standard camping equipment like sleeping and dinning tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, etc.

We at Shikhar Travels believe in responsible tourism that has minimal impact on the physical, cultural and social environment. By developing a soft tourism approach, we work towards the protection and enhancement of the cultural and natural wealth of the Himalaya and understand the importance of keeping the cycle of nature unhindered, while taking on different adventure activities.

Shikhar Travels is happy to introduce Himalayan Holidays, a diverse range of adventure packages in the Himalayas, catering to discerning adventure seeker, backpackers, independent and group travelers. The programs range from trekking in Uttaranchal & Ladakh, to white water rafting on Himalayan rivers, to pilgrimage tour, bring the traveler closer to nature and the local population in an environmentally friendly way.

Himalayan Holidays is designed to make you experience the local traditional and spiritual culture and the bio-diversity of the Himalayas.

Capt. Swadesh Kumar

Managing Director, Shikhar Travels India


Meenakshi Kumar Prabhakar

Director Marketing, Shikhar Travels India


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